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  • Emergencies/911. If you are a witness to homicide, gunfire, etc. APD will definitely want to speak to you. The dispatch people are trained in referring calls to appropriate services so if it is an emergency in the caller’s opinion they should not hesitate to call 911. 
  • Non Emergency Dispatch disturbances, vandalism, suspicions, drug activity taking place in public places, etc. 786-8900(hit zero to bypass menu) This number should be called when the activity is taking place. The public needs to be aware that the more information they can feed to APD, the safer their community will be. Even if a police officer gets to the site and the disturbance is over or the suspicious character is gone, having a description of what took place, what the people/vehicle looked like will be key information that the police officers are looking for, and may just be the missing piece of the puzzle.
    • Retaliation is apparently the reason many folks do not call things in. When calling the 786-8900 number, it is important for people to understand that they can “request a no contact” and  not worry about an APD officer pulling up to their home where it may be obvious to others that they were the ones that called in. It is also important to let people know that they can call this number and “request contact” by an officer. They can be specific if they prefer to be contacted by telephone only.     
  • Crime Stoppers/561-STOP. This number can be used for calling in information that may help the Anchorage Police Department in solving crime. The public needs to know that if they call this number that they will not be identified, but also that the officers will not take action on the call until a few days later.
  • Drug Hotline/786-8864. This telephone number can be used for calling on drug houses.

Additional Numbers:

Neighborhood Crime Watch: 786-8585

Graffiti Busters: 343-GONE

STAR (Standing Together Against Rape): 276-7273

AWAIC (women’s shelter) 272-0100

Pothole Control: 343-8277

Zoning Enforcement: 343-4141

Animal Control: 343-8118

Airport Police: 266-2411

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