Sand Lake Park

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Hello all,

Sorry for my absence from the project communication.  I am picking up where we left off and have attached some notes from the Sand Lake walk through on July 12th and a map that is altered from the PDF map that Suzanne Little provided to us.  I have also added pictures from the walk through to the Friends of Sand Lake facebook page. I am working on uploading Suzanne’s PDF’s and this PDF update to the facebook page with the help of Diamond Burgess from the community council so bear with me as I learn this facebook thing (thank you Dan Burgess, community council president for volunteering your awesome son). Since the walk through MOA has announced that we have $40,000 of funding for 2011  and in addition to Sand Lake Park has been designated as a “Volunteer Powered Park Fix It” project that we can all be a part of.  The community council must name a VIP committee made of 8 specific members to this “Volunteer Powered Park Fix It” process.  2 Community council member reps – which Dan Burgess has agreed to let me be one.  Last night I gave an update at the community council meeting based on this PDF and David Moore, a retired ASD teacher and active park walker, volunteered to also represent as another at-large cc member and wants to be a part of this stakeholders group in general (welcome to the email list David).  We also need two neighborhood members unaffiliated with the community council, 2 children between 10 and 18 and each of those children would bring a parent (maybe a couple of VanAlstines from the Brentwood subdivision to start??) – I’m hoping the rest of you can suggest some youth candidates and the two unaffiliated members.  I will forward all notes of this VIP group to all of you and keep you all in the loop immediately (really, I swear I will!) We will all still be informed and involved but this VIP group will go through a specific process with the Muni for the fix it project. Here is specifics of committee work:

The Very Important Park Committee Member’s job will be:

  • Assist with decision making about park improvements (approximately 3, 2-hour meetings) and report to theSand Lake Community Council on any action taken by the Committee;

  • Recruit neighborhood volunteers for the volunteer-powered projects (approximately 5 hours);

  • Volunteer on the volunteer day (approximately 4 hours); and

  • Join in the celebration of the completed park project (approximately 2 hours on work day).

In the short term we need a phased list of what we want in the park beyond this $40,000 funding.  I’ll asked Suzanne for some prices on appropriate park benches, picnic tables, the board walk, signage, trail restoration, and perhaps we can flesh out the picnic shelter idea with the potentially Japanese theme to honor the Japanese Immersion program at Sand Lake Elem and get tentative pricing on that too.  We also spoke about the possibility of a permanent outhouse, better vandal proof transcans, a dog station and some fishing platforms along the lake.  Did I miss anything?  Are there more ideas out there?  If so please send them.  I’ll get pricing and then we can start talking about getting broad opinions on prioritizing from the community.  Bob Buch MIGHT be able to get some capital project funding if we can get a resolution submitted and approved at the November CC meeting for park improvements beyond the $40K funding.

Please respond if you are

1) willing to be part of the VIP committee

2) have more items to put in the improvement consideration list

3) corrections to anything I’ve said or comments.  Also feel free to add your comments to the facebook page and maybe facebook dinosaurs like me will use it more when interesting people say interesting things.

Ed Hall       227-0826