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********   COMMENT DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JULY 31, 2010   **********

As we near the finish line of the Title 21 Rewrite Project, we are notifying you of one final review and comment opportunity. 

The Assembly has provisionally adopted all of the rewrite chapters (except for the definitions chapter).  Prior to final adoption and implementation, the Administration has asked for a final review, requesting that individuals and groups provide comments on any outstanding major issues with the rewrite.  The Municipality has contracted with former Assemblymember and former Title 21 Assembly Committee chair Dan Coffey to help facilitate the final code adoption and implementation.

The provisionally adopted chapters (and the definitions chapter), along with two chapters that have been in effect for some years [the Girdwood regulations (chapter 21.09) and the sign code (chapter 21.11)] are available for download on the website:  CDs are also available from the Planning Department.  The chapters are edited to correct mistakes and clarify intent.  The edits are tracked (new text is underlined and yellow; deleted text is bracketed, capitalized, and in gray) so that all changes from what was provisionally adopted are clear.

Along with the provisionally adopted chapters, there is a companion document of amendments to the draft proposed by project staff.  Some of the amendments have been reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The location of each amendment is marked in the draft by a footnote highlighted in pink.  The footnote number corresponds to the amendment number.  The proposed amendments have not been provisionally adopted.

You can send your comments on your major issues to the Planning Department by email (, by fax (343-7927), or by mail (PO Box 196650, Anchorage, AK  99519-6650).  We ask that your comments are submitted by July 31, 2010. (Previous deadline was July 23, 2010.)

Thank you for your continued interest in the Title 21 rewrite.  I know we all look forward to the completion of this long and complicated project, and to the furtherance of our community goals and aspirations. 

If you have questions about this email or the rewrite project, please send an email message to, go to our website at, or call the department at 343-7921.

********   COMMENT DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JULY 31, 2010   **********


Regarding the Campbell Creek Estuary Land Purchase by Great Land Trust….

After several emails and calls, I contacted the Mayor’s office:

Good evening…

The residents of Sand Lake have asked me to contact you, and request more information as to why you do not support the land purchase by Great Land Trust of the 60 acre parcel at Campbell Creek for conversion to a municipal park.

Great Land Trust presented a strong argument for the purchase earlier this year, and the Sand Lake Community Council passed a resolution March 8th, supporting the purchase for park use… ( below is the link to the signed resolution on the Sand Lake Community Council website ) :

We ( the Sand Lake Community Council, residents of the Sand Lake area of Anchorage, and your constituents ) would like to hear from you.

Thank you,
Daniel Burgess
Sand Lake Community Council President

Here’s the response:

Thank you for your questions.  Below is a prepared response about Mayor Sullivan’s stand on the estuary issue:

Mayor Sullivan fully supports protecting the estuary.  Wetlands, including this particular estuary, currently are protected by federal and state regulations.  An area outside of the estuary area has been offered for sale to the Municipality at a cost of $2 million.  Mayor Sullivan believes that in these challenging times of increasing costs and declining revenue, now is not the time to add to the city’s already impressive inventory of parks, but is time to maintain the parks and trails we already own and enjoy. The mayor also believes that decisions related to how (and if) the land around the estuary is developed rests with the land owners, not the municipality.

I am including your name and a summary of your comments in my daily report to the Mayor and Executive Staff.


Mary Croxton

Mary Croxton
Mayor Dan Sullivan’s Office
Phone:  (907)343-7100
632 West 6th Avenue
Box 196650
Anchorage, AK 99501-6312


This just in…. Sand Lake Area Local Road Reclamation Project.  Public comment period is NOW through next Tuesday, June 15th 2010.   Below, you’ll find the letter and the attachments that were sent to Sand Lake Community.


95 percent design review Letter – 1MB files size

Plans for local road reclamation project – 11.6 MB file size


Capital Projects Submitted by Representative Buch

This is project list for District 27 that Rep. Buch got into the Capital Budget.  If there are any projects you feel particularly strong about and want to call or email the governor’s office about, it would be good to encourage the community to do so, to ensure the Governor does not cut those projects.  The more support for the project, the less likely he will cut it. is the Governor’s Budget person.  I’d direct emails to her as well as the governor.


Madeline Lefton
Legislative Aide
Office of Representative Bob Buch
District 27
ph: (907) 465-4968
fax: (907) 465-2040


WestPark Subdivision Rezoning for School Addition PUBLIC HEARING March 1st 2010 CLICK TO VIEW MAILOUT:    Westpark Subdivision school addition Public Hearing March 1 2010


Muni code update regarding Landscaping, and child day care centers.  CLICK TO VIEW MAILOUT: Muni Code updated on Child Care Centers


Click Here to see the photos from the Kincaid Bluff Cardump cleanup 2010


Friends of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge (FAR)….

copy of letter send to Juneau: FAR.letter.Operations.Region2.AKRefuges

regarding – 2011 Increased Operations Funding for Region 2 (South Central) Alaska State Refuges


Anchorage Bicycle Plan public draft


Northern Air Cargo:

Letter regarding Airplane Snow Covers: NAC Letter – Aircraft Snow Covers 12 17 09

and PDF diagram:121709 NAC


Resolution 09-06 : Support for the ZONE change at Northwood & Raspberry…

SLCC Resolution 09-06


Jewel Lake Park Upgrades initial PDF presentation: Jewel Lake Park DSR Phase I

Also, you can review the November and December 2009 video’s to see the full presentation


Slideshow regarding Jewel Lake Road Drainage & Pedestrian Improvements ….. They are taking input until October 31…. Please review, and contact the name listed below:

Anne Brooks, P.E.

Brooks & Associates

301 West Northern Lights Blvd, Ste 440

Anchorage, AK 99503

Telephone: 907.272.1877


click here to see the slideshow that was presented October 13th 2009


Email from ARBRA….

RE: Homeless camp tour Valley of the Moon/West Chester Creek –

Meet at 19th & C Street 4PM today.

There are an estimated 100+ homeless camps on the Chester Creek greenbelt

between Lake Otis and West Chester Lagoon. Today’s 30 minute tour at 4pm,

showcases Anchorage’s largest concentration of homeless camps. The tour

concentrates on a grouping of 30 or so camps in the area north of the community

plot share garden, between 19th and 16th avenues, off of C Street. ARBRA is

estimating twice the number of campers as those at Veteran’s Ridge off of

Reeve Blvd. The APD CAP-team, ACLU, Muni Parks & Recreation and other

City officials will be participating in ARBRA’s afternoon tour. Community council

members from these areas are encouraged to attend today’s tour; as well as,

any person or groups interested in the subject of Anchorage’s homeless population

and the Housing First Initiative.


Ed O’Neill | President | Program Director

ARBRA – Anchorage Responsible Beverage Retailers Association, Inc.

610 C Street, Suite B1 (2nd Fl) Anchorage, Alaska 99501

907.677.2112            direct

907.240.1818            mobil

907.646.4028            fax


Chugach Electric June 2009 flyer

3938.11 Fact Sheet FINAL – Drainage and Pedestrian Improvements

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