WADP – West Anchorage District Plan


A meeting is proposed  this Sat. morning,
10:00 a.m. at Coffeeland on Spenard.This will be a valuable time to get together and discuss:

– Possible formal letter/resolution from WADP Planning Group council reps. and
council presidents to send to Planning and Zoning Commission with regard to
public hearing schedule.

– Possible formal request to MOA Planning Dept. from WADP Planning Group
council reps. and council presidents requesting they sponsor a public workshop
sometime in Sept. to discuss how public input was incorporated into the Public
Hearing draft and anything else we think would be appropriate.


We (Sand Lake Community Council, Turnagain Community Council, Spenard Community Council)
welcomes anyone and everyone interested in West Anchorage District Plan
and the planning, zoning, land use, and development of our communities.  We
are running out of time to put our ‘2 cents worth’ in on this plan.  Hope to see you there.
-Cathy Gleason, Turnagain Community Council President – tccpresident@yahoo.com
-Daniel Burgess, Sand Lake Community Council President – slccpresident@gmail.com


WADP …  There’s been several emails bouncing around the last few days about when planning and zoning is going to take up WADP….  Here’s the latest tenetive schedule:  (this information is coming from Thede Tobish, Senior Planner Municipality of Anchorage Planning Dept.)

(Dates Approximate)

WADP Public Hearing Draft Release        In the Week of July 11th   (will be released on the web site first)

PZC 1st Public Hearing                            Monday July 25th @ Spenard Rec Center

(Possible) Additional Public Hearings       Aug 1, 8, 22 (If the commission decides)

Close of Public Comment Period             September 14

Final PZC Public Hearing                        September 26

(Possible) continued Public Hearing         Following Sept 26 (Per the commission)

Here’s a link to the public comments made regarding West Anchorage District Plan Public Review Draft from March…



The Sand Lake Community Council will be having a meeting from 6:00 to 7:00 pm on Monday February 8, where planners form the Municipality will be giving an update on the West Anchorage District Plan (WADP).  The meeting will be held at the Cavalry Church on Jewell Lake Road.

They want specific input on vacant parcels of land in our neighborhood. There are a lot of other vacant parcels that the WADP will determine future uses, like Little Campbell Lake, lands along the Coastal Trail & Pt. Woronzoff, and other areas such as near the intersection of Minessotta and Raspberry.  they also want input on other issues, such as the concept of designating the Jewell Lake/Dimond area as a Town Center, and the Jewell Lake/Raspberry intersection as a Neighborhood Center.


West Anchorage Development Plan

Here’s a link to the Muni Zoning page:  http://www.muni.org/Planning/Projects.cfm





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