Get News Alerts

News Alerts with
“add to email list” in the title.  We do not share your
email address with anyone outside the SLCC board

There are two separate email lists you can join to get
Sand Lake area news.

The Federation of Community Councils maintains an
email and address list, to send the monthly SLCC
agenda and newsletter and occasional news items.
You get on this list when you pay your $1 yearly dues
at a meeting.  If you are already getting your agenda
snail mailed and you would rather have it emailed,
contact them at

The “news alert” is a separate email list maintained
by SLCC volunteers to help you know about
important events affecting our neighborhood in a
timely manner.
To join, send an email to:

NEW WAY TO GET MESSAGES ASWELL….. Click the RSS FEED button on the top of the page, and it will auto send you all the updates as there posted, instantly.  Email me at if you have questions.  Enjoy 🙂